Welcome to the new Fikra website!

Updated on 12-08-2021

Welcome to the new and improved Fikra website!


As a pioneer in the field of videogame event management in Kuwait and the Middle East for over 10 years, Fikra was one of the first in the Middle East to create an online platform for people to register for esports events, cosplay contests, and more!


2021 is a special year for us, as it marks 10 years since our first event back in 2011 with the Daigo Umehara Kumite event. It was the first major gaming event in the Middle East to have a live stream with Arabic commentary. We have grown since then into organizing esport tournaments, gaming expos, game orchestras, and more!


Not all changes on the website will be visible right now, but over the next few weeks you will start noticing some of the improvements and enhancements we have added to the site. 


For now you can make an account and say hi to us in the comment section or write us your feedback down below!


The Fikra Team




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