Our Idea

Fikra, which means “Idea” in Arabic, started in 2010 with one goal in mind. To make Kuwait the center of the videogame industry in the Middle East. At the time the Middle East market was not being catered to by videogame companies, so Fikra set out to create foundations in several segments of the videogame industry to show videogame companies the potential of the Middle East market, and at its center, Kuwait.

Starting with it’s first event in October 2011, Fikra pioneered every field and segment it entered from broadcasting live on the internet, live commentary, cosplay contests, e-sports tournaments, gaming expos, game orchestras, and more.

More than 10 years later, Fikra’s events were chosen by various companies and celebrities to make their Middle Eastern debut in. Companies such as Koei Tecmo, Square Enix, and SNK among other companies made their Middle Eastern debut at Fikra’s events and people such as David Wise, Yoko Shimomura, Justin Wong, and Sean Schemmel, made their Middle Eastern debut at Fikra events.

Currently Fikra focuses on its two main annual events:

Kuwait Battle Royale (KBR) The Middle East’s first and largest major fighting game tournament. Started in 2012

The Games & Media Expo (GX) Kuwait’s first gaming expo and now one of the premier gaming expos in the Middle East. Started in 2014

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